About Me

Cracker Lake, GNP, Montana

Do you love photography, Montana, nature, and adventure? Good, me too!

I am lucky enough to spend a great deal of time photographing the outdoors in northwestern Montana. I spend most of my time around the north fork of the Flathead River, or in Glacier National Park. Over the last nine years I have become very knowledgeable of this area. I have been lucky enough to see all sorts of animals big and small. I have see grizzly bear families grow up. I have even had a mountain lion pass right by my truck as I was sitting in it with the windows down. Of nights, I have heard the howl of wolves. It is like living in a Jack London book.



I enjoy guiding photographers or instructing. In a world of big cameras, I prefer the smaller micro 4/3 systems that Olympus offers. The lighter setup and compatibility of lenses with my drone, affords me greater options to get deeper into the wild. When water comes into the adventure, I switch over to the TG series that Olympus offers. TG series have accompanied me on rafting, kayaking, and other water adventures.