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Audiobooks? (Day 6 of 30)

Do you listen to audiobooks or read? Do you like podcasts?

When I was on the road a lot, I listened to a lot of podcasts. I would often be in a vehicle for six hours or more a day. Had I been listening to audiobooks, it would probably be one every day or two.

Now that I am out driving less, I will listen to audiobooks. It lasts for a trip or two. I can get into my driving zone and listen to stories. I have listened to a lot of great stories this past year.

Another thing I like about Audible is that I can have “books I listen too” and “books I am reading.” In my head I can keep the things separated better.

The one problem with audiobooks, or any book really, is that you have to be paying attention. I have a terrible habit of letting my mind wander and think of things on a parallel to what I am doing and the story I am listening too. If I can’t focus and find myself missing a lot of a book, rewinding frequently, I’ll just stop the audiobook.

Now I still love to read. It’s my wind down routine before bed. If I was listening to a audiobook, I would likely fall asleep and lose my place or the audiobook would play all the way through.

Do you read? Listen? Or wait for the movie to come out?

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