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Field Trip (Day 8 of 30)

Today I took a trip away from the hotel to Corpus Christi. The drive was over two hours away and well worth it.

The mission was to check out the aircraft carrier Lexington. Not something easily toured in landlocked Montana. The Lexington was used in WWII and a few other conflicts until it was decommissioned in 1991.

Aircraft carriers are such an interesting piece of engineering, a whole floating city. Everything is on a grand scale. There are barber shops, dentists, and machining shops. On the tour, you see just how much food is loaded and consumed during a tour.

Space is at a premium on a ship. The size of the bunks and your personal belongings is small. You better make friends with those in bunks around you.

The tour and day trip was worth it. This is the second aircraft carrier I have visited. It appears there was a lot of work being done on this one.

You can learn more at usslexington.com. Learn more about this piece of history and American Might.

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