Hotel Coffee

Nothing starts the day like MCT.

Hotel coffee is not my idea of good coffee. Yesterday when I went to the lobby to get some it was so bitter, old, and tasted terrible. The comforts of home are far and few this month, but the coffee from Montana Coffee Traders is a bit of comfort coffee providing me an escape back to my Montana. Knowing that I was going to be gone for awhile, I packed a pound and a hand grinder for the road. Probably should have packed more though, I don’t think it is going to be enough to last. Who knows how old that hotel coffee was, but it sure was not nearly as good as what I can make with my hand grinder and a bag of MCT coffee. The variety of coffee offered by MCT is amazing. I think I have tried almost all of them, but Trailblazer and Grizzly blends are probably my favorites. Oh, and if you love mochas, you have to try their Mayan Mocha. It is spiced very good, smells great, and is quite delicious. (On a side note; if ever in Seattle, there is a restaurant called Biscuit Bitch. A great place to eat, but their mayan mocha is spiced spiced hot, like with chili powder.)

I enjoy many things about coffee. Real coffee at the right proportion tastes good. There is also a social aspect about sitting around drinking coffee. Some of my favorite moments are enjoying coffee with my parents and family. I usually travel with a bag and like to give it to whoever is hosting my visit. This is a perfect gift because hopefully they will make the fresh coffee that I brought. 

Hopefully you like reading about coffee. I will be home in about 26 days, and am eager to go hang out at my favorite coffee shop and have all my coffee making conveniences of home. Before all that though, it will be coffee with the parents. 

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