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Best iPad Accessories (Day 3 of 30)

This is a brief post about some things I have found really helpful while traveling. An iPad is a great substitute for a full laptop for most of us. Really, you could probably get by with just a phone if you aren’t doing a lot of tech stuff. These are my favorite accessories I have whittled down from traveling the last couple of months.

  • AV Adapter – This dongle will allow you to connect your iPad to a hotel TV with an HDMI port. This setup will let you watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube videos on television. With this dongle, you also need an HDMI cable.
  • Keyboard – If you do a lot of typing and writing this is a no brained. There is a variety of keyboards out there. Some attach to the iPad as a case, others are rechargeable, and others use batteries. They can be big or small. The choices is vast.
  • Mouse – A bluetooth mouse is an accessory that isn’t necessary but I recommend it if you use the AV adapter. With the mouse, you can turn the iPad and a television into a large screened computer. You don’t have to get up to change videos on YouTube, you can browse the internet without actually having to touch the iPad.

This is a great combination of things to have with you if you only use the iPad and don’t want to have a laptop along. This is a very lightweight combination. This combo is what I would say, packs small and plays big. I won’t go on a trip without this combination. This perfect combination has replaced taking a mini-pc or even a MacBook with me when I travel. Hopefully this will help if you want to travel lighter and leave the laptop at home on your next trip.

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