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Happy New Year!

As the chaos continues, and the world burns, hopefully 2022 is your best year yet. I am not certain, but this could be my month for TDY, which means I could be gone around a quarter of the year if things don’t change under our current leadership.

This year I have a few projects to work on. Things are certain to be complicated by living in a constant state of change and the unknown. The only real goal is to survive 2022 and live life the best one can.

While I have many things in my plans, I guess I can only try my best with what I can do while around.

Things I would like to get done in 2022:

  • Declutter
  • Grow a garden
  • Train the Dog
  • Keep a list of all the species of birds I see (Year 2)
  • Get outside more
  • Read more

This is just a start. Tomorrow is the start of the new year. Guess we will see how things go.

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