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Here We Go Again… (Day 1 of 30)

I am back in south Texas for another go round of what appears to be a never ending thing… at least for another three years. I hate traveling anymore. My last few trips have not been to anywhere for fun.

Yesterday was my travel day from my home in beautiful Montana. To come down to this land is a huge environmental shift. This land is flat, desolate, and dirty compared to home. Driving to my TDY location, the roadside was full of trash. Montanan’s for the most part keep their lands clean. By the amounts of garbage, I can tell that I am close to Mexico. Several years ago I visited Borderfields Park near San Diego. There was so much garbage that would float into the area during a rainstorm, eventually headed to the Pacific Ocean. Gross!

To try and make the most out of this go round, I am going to do a 30 day blogging challenge. Last time went well and helped pass the time. Stay tuned.

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