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One of my Favorite Apps

PeakFinder is one of my favorite apps for identifying the mountains around wherever I am standing. This little app has a wealth of information. I find myself using it all the time with my photography so I can name peaks in my photos correctly. I have been using this app since its early days when it was free, it has only gotten better and more in-depth since it was converted to a pay app.

When you want to see what is around you, the app uses the GPS on your phone, and the compass on the phone. I rarely ever use the compass feature though because I like to control the panning and line things up like I want them. Taking a screenshot for later use is also highly recommended on your photo adventures. Clicking on a peak will give information such as elevation, coordinates,  and distance from current location. That’s a pretty cool feature if you are out for a day of peakbagging.

The app sells itself more than I can promote it really. These pictures from below are from some pretty remote parts of Montana. Also this is probably fun app for people living in Montana and Colorado, than say, those living in Kansas and Florida.

Demonstrating how information about distance peaks can be seen.
What the screen shows…
What is really there!
An overlay made using a different app and blending the layers for demonstration purposes of just how accurate this thing is.

Thanks for taking time and reading this. I hope you find value in my contributions. -DL

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