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Another Fire Season

2018 Howe Fire in Glacier National Park

While living in the western United States is full of beauty and lesser populations, one problem that we endure year after year is wildfire season. August is becoming the firestorm norm around northwestern Montana. Last year was the Sperry Fire in Glacier National Park that ultimately torched the historic Sperry Chalet. This year’s fire consumed a road camp that served generations of tourists as a place to stay while visiting Glacier NP. About four years ago when summiting Stanton Mountain, I hiked through the area in which this year’s Howe Fire is burning. It may have seemed like there was nothing to burn then, but how fast things grow back. 

Sadly, the fires have closed down a great deal of the west side of the park. Many campgrounds have been evacuated, and vacation plans changed or ruined. 

You can’t control Mother Nature. You are at the whim of the natural forces.

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