Podcasts for the Birders

As I prepare my feeders, sip coffee, and watch the birds, I thought I would share some of my favorite podcasts. If you commute or have some time to relax and listen to podcasts about birds when you cannot be out chasing birds, here are some of my recommendations. I hope you will try them out and find one as your next podcast to download and listen to.

#1 BirdNote

This is a fun, short, and superbly produced short podcast. The range of species and topics is amazing. Content is made daily and only 2-3 minutes. To short for a commute unless you stack them up. It is short enough for listening to while brushing teeth or other short tasks. Perfect for “Habit-stacking.” The narrators have a fun personalities and even some humor. The history of the start of BirdNote can be found here. Started with the Seattle Audubon and with some help from NPR, these stories have reached growing audiences. I love this one and would call it a favorite.

#2 American Birding Podcast

ABP last a little over 30 minutes and new episodes are posted every two weeks. If you enjoy interviews, give this one a shot. Each episode is full of interesting content. Get birding tips, learn some deep dive details about species, and even catch up on the latest research and sciences.

#3 Out There With The Birds

This podcast has lots of interviews and more tips for birders. There was a hiatus over the summer, but currently, this program is on a two-week schedule.

My Favorite Nature Non-Bird Podcasts

Hosted by Chris Morgan, this is a podcast that takes you on the adventure with the host. Lots of field production takes to on trips around the world. Covering cougars, bears, and more in season one, I can only imagine what season two will hold. Chris even made beavers interesting. My favorite part of this podcast is the old style of radio-of-the-mind from the ’50’s. You feel like you are there with the host on location. The sound guys do wonderful work capturing that baseline audio. I cannot say enough good things about this podcast. What are you doing here still reading this? You should have downloaded it by now and be tuned in!

Well there you have it, I hope you enjoyed reading and download your next favorite podcast.

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