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Daily Habits

This year I chose to read everyday for a New Year’s Resolution. I enjoy reading a wide variety of topics. After getting my first Kindle several years back, I have built up quite a collection of books that I haven’t finished for one reason or another. The goal isn’t to read stuff that I have passed over. Some books I haven’t had the opportunity to read yet. A fault of mine is that I often try to read too many books at once. When I realized that was causing a bit of reader’s fatigue, I learned to focus on one book at a time. This really has changed the way I enjoy a story now. I have finished more books than I used to. Last year, I became hooked on a lot more series. It helps when the stories are really captivating as well. Several books I could not put down.

Kindles are an amazing device. I can literally have access to thousands of books at only ounces of weight. The backlight is perfect for laying in bed and reading. I have missed my target bedtime many, many times because I just get hooked and lose all track of time. If you are easily distracted, a dedicated e-reader makes it difficult to be drawn away from reading. These fascinating devices don’t ping you with alerts or chimes. You can read undistracted. I love this peaceful time.

I found a really nice cover that really does the trick for my stays in hotels. My Kindle cover has a kickstand and a card holder. I really like this when I go have breakfast. If I leave my room, all I need is the Kindle. I can wear pocketless shorts or sweats and have a copy of my hotel key in the pocket of the e-reader. I don’t have to take it out to open the door. It is the perfect setup for long- term stays. Did I mention the kickstand? It is perfect for propping up the Kindle while eating. This little package being so perfect means I carry it about everywhere.

The way to read more is to give yourself more access and the ability to be reading in the lulls of your day. I know for me, Kindles have changed the way I read. I have fallen in love with reading good tomes again.

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