Adventure Aerial Drone Video Winter

Coming in for a Landing

During the most recent clear, calm day, and the temperature was tolerable, I had a few free minutes to step out and fly. 

I added a little audio from Apollo 11. Aviation has come a long ways from the days of Orville and Wilbur Wright. Humans have been to the Moon. The Apollo 11 command module sits in Washington D.C. at the Smithsonian Museum. The scope is far bigger than just American history, more like world history. I don’t have any pictures from the museum in D.C. However, I have been to Kennedy Space Center in Florida twice. And my photo catalog from there is vast.

The one photo I have a a command module is Apollo 14. 

Can you imagine living in there for eight days? Sure you have the lunar module too, but that isn’t a whole lot of space added on. Together, the grand total was around 450 cubic feet for three people. 

Technology has evolved so far beyond that moment in time. Everyone can have the chance to explore flight, even get a bird’s eye view of landscapes we see everyday and take for granted. 

Fly safe.

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