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Tiny Living (Day 2 of 30)

When living in a hotel, it is easy to see how little you need to live, both in space and in things. This type of living leaves a person with few responsibilities. If it wasn’t for work, I could do this with even less… but if it wasn’t work, I wouldn’t have to be here. So that makes it a bit of a zen riddle really.

With the day off, I used my iPad and an AV connector to watch YouTube on TV. I went down the tiny home wormhole. This was something I thought would be a great way to live not long ago.

I used to live in 698 square feet. I had done it for about 10 years. It was perfect really. I was tucked away in the trees. The downside was the HOA had started neglecting the properties and it was only a matter of time before bigger and bigger expenses started to hemorrhage the funds dry. Some structures were over 50 years old or so. It was time to exit.

Now on the YouTube channel Exploring Alternatives you can see people living in tiny homes, sailboats, and other types of homes. I watched a few tiny home residents today and it shows just how little space you really need. There was also an episode with a sailboat couple. They lived full time on the ocean. Your living space can be a great adventure. It can be small, a boat, off-grid, or for now a hotel room. Find what is important for you to focus on. In small spaces the distractions are much less and the chore list much shorter.

I could probably write all 30 days about living in a small space. At times I miss the smaller, living space. However as spring comes, it will be nice to have a garden and do some outside improvements.

Next time on a vacation try to see how little you really need to still have an awesome trip. You will find you need very little. And you might also find what you really need.

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